Robo Sapiens

Robo Sapiens is the brain child of 3 highly respected musicians/producers Official Thomas Lang , Milan Polak and Fabio Trentini who have been friends for many years and working together on various occasions. They had been talking about forming a super group for quite some time but due to each musician’s busy schedule it took a while to realize the project. Then in 2015 what originally started out to be Milan Polak’s next solo CD turned into Robo Sapiens with all 3 musicians involved in the creative process. Despite the high technical level of musicianship the song writing & production always remained priority, resulting in 9 well-crafted songs that should appeal to a broad audience of musicians and lovers of instrumental music.

(Lion Music)

To order go to:
01. No Turning Back
02. Rat Race
03. Alchemy
04. Distant Memories
05. Turmoil
06. Pacifier
07. Catalyst
08. H.L.A.H.
09. Insomnia
Milan Polak
"Scarred To Perfection"

With his third vocal album "Scarred To Perfection", Milan Polak demonstrates once again his skills as a supremely proficient songwriter, singer and multi-talented musician who pushes aside boundaries to come up with some real surprises. With the support of his longstanding musician friends Kip Winger (Alice Cooper, Winger), Neil Taylor (Robbie Williams, Tears For Fears), Fabio Trentini (H-Blockx, Subway To Sally, Guano Apes) and Dennis Leeflang (Bumblefoot, Lita Ford, Within Temptation), he has created a hard-hitting and entertaining modern rock album that offers radio-ready song-writing, catchy melodies and a state-of-the-art production. This album will not only delight hard rock fans, it will bring contemporary and honest rock music to a wider audience. One of the most promising rock albums in recent years!

(Lion Music)

To order go to:
01. This Time
02. No Compromise
03. The Last Goodbye
04. Cleansing
05. Scarred To Perfection (feat. Fabio Trentini)
06. Rainbow (feat. Neil Taylor & Fabio Trentini)
07. Karma (feat. Fabio Trentini)
08. Smile
09. You & I (feat. Kip Winger)
10. Green Demon
11. Belong
12. Final Song
Bumblefoot & Milan Polak
"Devil On My Shoulder"

Ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal has teamed up with fellow vocalist/guitarist Milan Polak to release the charity single �Devil On My Shoulder�. The song features bassist David Ellefson (Megadeth) and drummer Thomas Lang.
All proceeds will be donated to Road Recovery, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and other adversities by harnessing the influence of entertainment professionals who have confronted similar crises and now wish to share their experience, knowledge, and resources.

To order go to:
01. Devil On My Shoulder
Bande Sonore

An Italian project that Milan Polak co-produced and played guitars on in collaboration with Tony Bungaro and The Groove Factory featuring various guest musicians.

01. Noi (Il Rifugio)
02. Nessuno Mi Ha Mai
03. La Botta Di Culo
04. Fuoco E Sale
05. In Un Momento
06. Non Lo So Neanch'io
07. Mancino
08. Londra d'Inverno
09. Indispensabile
10. Dimentichiamoci
Japan Benefit Project
"Embrace The Sun"

Dedicated to the victims of the tsunami and earthquake that struck Japan in March 2011. Milan Polak (lead vocals & guitars) joined forces with Pete Lesperance (guitars, 2nd guitar solo), Kip Winger (bass), Dennis Leeflang (drums), Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (3rd guitar solo) and Harry Hess (backing vocals). All profits are being donated to the victims in cooperation with the Japanese Red Cross Society.

(Lion Music LMC303)

To order go to:
01. Mattsson - Mother
02. Milan Polak - End Of Time
03. Anthriel - Circle Of Life
04. Airless - Second Chance
05. Dreyelands - Life Is Worth The Pain
06. Ashent - Disappearance
07. Mastercastle - Sakura
08. Locomotive Breath - Rise Up (Perspective of The Common Man)
09. Groenholm - Believe
10. Marco Sfogli - Stand Alone
11. Mindsplit - Guardian Angel
12. Missing Tide - Falling
13. Infinity Overture - Do You Care?
14. Jennifer Batten - Sakura Season

01. Overdrive - New Beginning (Arata Na Staato)
02. Emir Hot - Fear of the Storm
03. Venturia - On the Brink
04. Mistheria - Kibou
05. Section A - Survive
06. Status Minor - Drama
07. Mastermind - Time Stands Still
08. Tomorrow's Eve - Black Barren Lands
09. Iron Mask - Sons of the Sun
10. Astra - Voice from Within
11. Benny Jansson- Savior
12. Early Cross - Cairn
13. Winterlong - Failed Connection
14. The Lions - Embrace the Sun
Milan Polak & Julian Puttins
"Party Hand"

Power Guitar Symphony feat. Julian Puttins. Written, recorded and performed by Milan Polak & Julian Puttins @ Nice Noize Studios (Italy), July 2011.

To order go to:
1. Party Hand
Guitar Addiction
"A Tribute To Modern Guitar"

A sampler feat. musicians such as Guthrie Govan, Brett Garsed and many others. Milan Polak played on "The End Of The World" and on the final track "Heavy Funky Party" along with Michael Angelo and Stu Hamm.

(Guitar Euro Media GEM03)

To order go to:
01. Crossroads Of Time
02. Junkie Foot
03. Adrenaline Jam
04. The End Of The World
05. Mr. Groove
06. Mind's Labyrinth
07. FRP - A Tribute To Mark
08. Mandarine
09. Frankly Speaking
10. Cacophusion
11. Heavy Funky Party
Drooid & Milan Polak
"Aurora/Moon Dance"

In 2010 Milan Polak started a collaboration with DJ/producer Drooid. The result was this EP.

(Shah-Music Digital SMD2142)

To order go to:
1. Aurora
2. Moon Dance
Milan Polak
"Murphy's Law"

'Murphy's Law' is Milan Polak's 2nd vocal release. He was joined by Fabio Trentini (who also co-produced the CD) on bass and Subway To Sally's Simon Michael on drums this time.

(Lion Music LMC265)

To order go to:
iTunes (Germany) (Japan)
01. Murphy's Law
02. No God
03. Inner Truth
04. Losing Me
05. Wannabes
06. The Opposite Of Love
07. Sheeple
08. Torn
09. Alien Nation
10. Fake
11. The Mystery Of Life
"Confession and Release"

Project of mastermind Fabio Trentini. Milan Polak played guitars on the song "Future After You".

(Unsung Records UR006CD)

To order go to:
01. Nina
02. Tired Of Being Good
03. Future After You
04. Confession And Release
05. Last Minute Of The Day
06. My Life Ain't Worth Being Lived Without You
07. It Looks Like Rain
08. Luna Calante
09. Divergent Moons
10. Up Above
11. Flight Towards The Sky
12. The Lengths A Man Will Go To
Subway To Sally

This CD is the 11th release of the German metal band Subway To Sally.
Milan Polak played all acoustic & electric guitars as well as electric sitar on this album. He also co-wrote the music for 10 songs. 'Bastard' entered the German album charts at 7.

(Nuclear Blast 27361 19340)

To order and listen to sound samples go to:
01. Meine Seele brennt
02. Puppenspieler
03. Auf Kiel
04. Umbra
05. Voodoo
06. Wehe Stunde
07. Die Trommel
08. Unentdecktes Land
09. Hohelied
10. Canticum satanae
11. Tanz auf dem Vulkan
12. Fatum
13. In der Stille
Milan Polak

This CD was recorded in NY & Germany and features John Macaluso on drums, Randy Coven on bass, Fabio Trentini on bass and Milan Polak on vocals, guitars, percussion, additional bass & blues harp. It received great feedback worldwide, e.g. �Album of the Year� (Netherlands) and �Album of the Month� (Italy). Other nominations were "Top 10 Albums of the Year" (Italy), "Top 30 releases of 2007" (UK) und "Best Guitarist of 2007" (UK). The renowned English Fireworks Magazine voted the song "The Glowing Of A Cigarette" no. 2 of the "Top 200 songs of 2007".

About the album Milan says, " 'Straight' stands for the whole concept of this album. It stands for the way this album looks, sounds and was produced - no FX, no BS. What you see & hear is what you get - 100% Milan."

(Lion Music LMC204)

To order go to:
01. Difference
02. Psychobitch
03. Crosses
04. Hero
05. Favorite Vice
06. Some Kind Of Jesus
07. All I Want
08. Superstar Mania
09. Straight
10. Happy Now?
11. I Don't Care
12. Free After All
13. The Glowing Of A Cigarette
The Alchemists II

This CD is the follow-up of the very successful CD 'The Alchemists'. Different from the first album there are always 2 guitarists playing one song together this time.

Milan wrote the main song and hooked up with Marco Sfogli who then added a middle part to it - hence the double title.

Note that this mp3 is a cut version! Marco played drums & lead guitar on the left.
Milan played rhythm guitars, bass & lead guitar on the right.

(Liquid Note Records LNR0006)

To order go to:
01. Unruly Elements - Chris Brooks ft. Joe Chawki
02. One Legged Chicken - Pascal Vigné ft. Christophe Godin
03. Threehundredpointtwentyone - Terry Syrek ft. Bumblefoot
04. Under The Influence - Richard Hallebeek & Antti Kotikoski
05. Space Antz - Carlos Creator ft. Robert Rodrigo
06. Stratosphere - William Stravato ft. Brett Garsed
07. At Last - Stefan Rosqvist ft. Bo Eriksson
08. The Puffball That Ate My Village - Phi Yaan-Zek ft. Chanan Hanspal
09. Last Minute Call/The Saviour - Milan Polak & Marco Sfogli
10. Fumble Fingers - Dave Martone & Chris Buono
11. Tango Schizophrenia - Si Hayden ft. Michael Berk
12. Warp Drive - Gianluca Ferro ft. Scott McGill
13. In The Beginning - Sven Stichter ft. Thorsten Koehne
14. Butterfly/Free Love/Fruit Frenzy - Geoff Tyson ft. Doug Doppler
15. Georgia In My Heart - Dr Ika & Temur Kvitelashvili
Milan Polak
"Guitar Odyssey"

'Guitar Odyssey' is the re-mastered version of Milan's sold out first instrumental album 'Guitar 2001' featuring an original demo-version of 'Where Were You Tomorrow?' as a bonus-track.
There is a heavy focus on the guitar playing with some over-the-top stunts. Even after 10 years this CD still received great reviews.

(Lion Music LMC155)

To order go to:
iTunes (Japan)
01. Lights, Camera, Action!
02. Where Were You Tomorrow?
03. Inner Peace
04. Vinka 611
05. More Than I've Been
06. Absolutely Positive
07. Could've been Love
08. Cruisin'
09. Tendonitis
10. Chainreaction
11. Sylphe
12. Witchdance
13. Sunrise
14. Where Were You Tomorrow? (demo-version/bonus-track)
Last Acoustic

This is the 2nd album of the Italian duo 'Last Acoustic' featuring Antonello Sassone & Marino Risi.
Milan Polak played nylon and steel string guitars on two of the songs.

(Azzurra Music TBPG1016)

To order go to:
01. Madame Rushid theme
02. Nightclub 1960
03. 28
04. Lait & Miel
05. Romeo e Giulietta
06. Smoke gets in your eyes
07. Blue Moon
08. Sicily
09. Blue Bossa
10. Snow Flower
11. Don't think sadly
12. Two for the road
13. Il postino theme
Milan Polak

'Dreamscapes' is Milan's self-produced second instrumental CD.
The songs are more mature,
focusing more on song writing
than soloing. This CD features a total of 13 tunes. It was ranking at No. 1 position in the Guitar Nine charts in 4 different categories 'Most Popular Overall', 'Most Popular Fusion', 'Most Popular Hard Rock' and 'Most Popular Heavy Electric' with a popularity rating of 100.0 and has received great reviews all over the world (to see click on the review button left).

(Lion Music LMC 135)

To order go to:
iTunes (Japan)
01. Panic Room
02. Girlfriends
03. Dreamscapes
04. Spanish Romance
05. Quicksilver
06. Slowgold
07. Joyride
08. Contrapunctus 3 (J.S. Bach)
09. 4 a.m.
10. Shadowdance
11. Ground Zero
12. Straight Ahead
13. Sometimes I Still Miss You
Joel Rivard, Alessandro Benvenuti, Milan Polak - "J.A.M."

The J.A.M. project is a collaboration with two other great guitarists: Joel Rivard & Alessandro Benvenuti. It features 3 original compositions of each guitarist with the others soloing on them including keyboard maestro Lale Larson. It also features some of Milan's hottest playing up to date.
J.A.M. enterd the Jazzwise-charts
at position 2, was rated "album of
the month" by Guitar Mania, was called a "victory in the
instrumental releases of 2004" by Andy Craven of virtuosityone and was ranking at No. 1 of the 'Overall best-selling' charts of (to see reviews click on the reviews button left).

(Liquid Note Records LNR0003)

To order go to:
01. The Usual Unusual
(M. Polak/B. Fuxa)
02. 2 Sides of the Same Trouble
(A. Benvenuti)
03. Lydian Field
(J. Rivard)
04. Hot Room
(A. Benvenuti)
05. Back on the Track
(M. Polak)
06. Transcendence
(J. Rivard)
07. S.L.O.W.
(A. Benvenuti)
08. Perfect Angel
(M. Polak)
09. General Relativity Jam
(J. Rivard)
"Sex & Violins "

At some point in his life Milan started working with renowned classical violin virtuoso Lidia Baich in a studio in the south of France.
The idea was to fuse classical music with elements of rock but without losing the original vibe or changing the music. They then went through some extreme scores of Tchaikovsky, Massenet & Saint- Saens and Milan describes this experience as "one of the most intense musical experiences in my life."
These are some outtakes of the demo.
01. Rondo (C. Saint-Saens)
02. Danse Ruski (P. I. Tchaikovsky)
03. Thais (J. Massenet)
04. Concerto Violin And Orchestra
In D Major, Op. 35: Finale.
Allegro Vivacissimo
(P. I. Tchaikovsky)
part I
part II
"Rock Me Amadeus"

This version of "Rock Me Amadeus"
is a tribute to Falco performed by
the Austrian dance act
"Missterious". It was released in
the summer of 2003 and made it
into the Austrian and Swiss charts.

(ACAM 10603)
01. Rock Me Amadeus
De Luca
"Mit grosser Sorge"

This song was released in the
summer of 2003 by the
Italian/Austrian comedian
Ciro de Luca.
It went into the Austrian top ten.
Milan played guitars and bass on this tune.

(Columbia Sony Music 513309 2)
01. Mit grosser Sorge
Jason Becker-Tribute "Warmth In The Wilderness Vol. II"

This double CD features some awesome musicians such as Steve Vai, Marty Friedman and Randy Coven. The track "Utopia" was originally written and recorded by Milan for the album "Dreamscapes" and features Thomas Lang on drums.
All the profits go to Jason Becker - one of the best guitarists in the world - who unfortunately suffers from ALS (Lou Gehrig's desease).

(Lion Music LMC 2225 2)

To order go to:
01. Tommy Denander & Friends - Desert Island
02. Lars Eric Mattsson - Colors
03. Steve Vai - Feathers
04. Terry Syrek - Temple of the Absurd (Europe exclusive bonus track)
05. Marty Friedman & Melle Vasquez - The Brightest Stat of All
06. David Valdez - Temple in the Cellar
07. Randy Coven - Poem
08. Milan Polak - Utopia
09. Carlos Creator - Dialogues at the Moon
10. Mistheria & Friends - When You Wish upon a Star (A Jam for Jason)
11. J. K. Northrup - I.M.N.U.
12. Stephen Ross - Perpetual Burn (Europe exclusive bonus track)
13. Steve Booke with Magic Elf - Life Afterlife
14. Mario Parga - Hourglass
The Alchemists

This CD actually features the last song of Milan's album "Dreamscapes".

To order go to:
01. Richard Daude "Dark Ages"
02. Guthrie Govan "Fives"
03. Terry Syrek "Ritual Dance At
04. The Foot Of The..."
05. Stephen Ross "Schrodinger's Cat"
06. Richard Hallebeek "Seasons"
07. Todd Duane "The Rain"
08. Marc Pattison "Crash & Burn"
09. David Martone "Waht The Hell!"
10. Scott Hughes "Common Ground"
11. Magnus Olsson "Whatever It May Be"
12. Bumblefoot "Mafalda"
13. Phi Yaan-Zek "Out In The Boonies"
14. Lyle Workman "Rising Of The Mourning Son"
15. Milan Polak "Sometimes I Still Miss You"
Haddaway - My Face

"Deep (Live Version)" was also Milan's first international job as a producer & arranger.
He came up with the main guitar riff during the rehearsals for our show in Stars & Bars, Monaco.

(Terzetto/ZYX MUSIC
TER 20001-2)
01. Bounce
02. Deep (Radio Version)
03. You've Got The Music
04. Gotta Be
05. Push Push
06. Man In The Moon
07. It's Not Fair
08. Love Is Blind
09. Show Me Your Dreams
10. Man Of Me
11. Bit Of Angel
12. Heaven
13. Deep (Live Version)
14. Miss Joan
F@lco - A Cybershow

This is the original cast soundtrack of the "F@lco cybershow" - a gigantic live concert with musical elements, video projections and a lasershow - dedicated to the life of Falco. The music was recorded live in two days during rehearsals in March 2000.

(Intonation Recordings 7243 849208 0)
01. Sound of Musik
02. Der Kommissar
03. Rock Me Amadeus
04. Ganz Wien
05. Naked
06. Europa
07. Vienna Calling
08. Titanic
09. Push Push
10. Mutter, der Mann mit dem Koks ist da
11. Out of the Dark
12. F@lco - Cyber Track
Falco - Verdammt wir leben noch

Up to this day Falco is Austria´s only internationally successful popstar.
This is the last album released in 1999 after his death. Besides two remixes it features 10 new songs from old demos that Falco had offered the record company during his last six years. They all were turned down while he was alive...
Milan played on the 6th song "Poison".

(BMG, EMI, GIG Records, Hansa, 74321 704992)
01. Verdammt wir leben noch
02. Die Königin von Eschnapur
03. Qué pasa hombre
04. Europa
05. Fascinating man
06. Poison
07. Ecce machina
08. We live for the night
09. Krise
10. From the north
11. Der Kommissar (Club Mix)
12. Verdammt wir leben noch (Remix)
Sigi Maron - Raps und Rübsen

Sigi Maron is an Austrian singer/songwriter. His lyrics are socially and politically critical and he once had a No. 1 hit in the Austrian charts.
Reviews said that this last album released in 1996 was his best one.

(BMG Ariola, 74321 376562)
01. klane leit
02. 11 monat oit
03. dowitschenja jugoslawija
04. wilkommen österreich
05. neue draken braucht das laund
06. nimm dei madl bei der haund
07. da untaschied
08. graue hoa
09. vera
10. achtung umleitung
11. celeste
12. raps und rübsen
Todd Duane & Milan Polak - "Overload"

This tune is by far one of the craziest and most challenging things
Milan has ever recorded in his life.

"Overload" was originally a song written and recorded by Todd
Duane for a CD called "Ominous
Guitarists From The Unknown".

They met while both teaching at A.I.M. in 1995 and one day Todd had this crazy idea
to speed the song up (!) and re-record it played in harmonies.

Milan kicks off the solo section on the left hand side,
then Todd comes in on the right hand side and they do trade-offs.
01. Overload
Milan Polak
Guitar 2001

Guitar 2001 was Milan Polak's first instrumental album released in
1995. It displays a lot of variety
in styles due to his love and
interest for different kinds of music. Some of the songs were actually written at the age of 16, 17 but recorded in 1994. The CD also features new recorded versions of "Where Were you tomorrow?" and "Absolutely Positive" which appeared on the "Guitar on the Edge" samplers No. 3 & 4.
This album is sold out and has been re-released by Lion Music in October 2005 under the name of 'Guitar Odyssey'!

(Rock the Nation 41207)
01. Lights, Camera, Action !
02. Inner Peace
03. Vinka 611
04. More than I´ve been
05. Absolutely Positive
06. Could´ve been love
07. Cruisin´
08. Tendonitis
09. Chainreaction
10. Sylphe
11. Witchdance
12. Where were you tomorrow
13. Sunrise
New World
Changing Times

This record released in 1995 gained amazing critiques and airplay from radiostations all over Europe. Still the record company was not strong enough to promote and support it. So unfortunately, this remained the only record and the band broke up frustrated.

(Rock the Nation 41 208)
01. Fall Or Rise
02. Urban Bushman
03. Changing Times
04. Time of Dying
05. I Need It
06. Eternal Agony
07. Mother
08. Murderous Game
09. Superficial Life
10. Judgment Day
11. The World We Created
12. Fate
Paul Gilbert & Milan Polak - "Weedwacker"

Photo used by
kind permission
of P. Gilbert

"Weedwacker" was written and
performed by one of Milan's biggest influences Paul Gilbert for an Ibanez competition back in around 1992. Milan doubled Paul's rhythm guitar and played all the solos. By the time Milan got his hands on that tape the deadline of the competition was far over so he never got a chance to participate in the first place. Still he thought it would be cool to put it on this site and Paul agreed.
Here's what Paul said, "Wow! You play really well. Keep playing great guitar!!" (Paul Gilbert)
01. Weedwacker
Guitar on the Edge - Vol. 1, No. 4

Mark Varney - talent scout & head of legato records:
"I chose Milan for anchor man both times because I wanted the CDs to end with something that would totally blow away someone who had been listening to the CD up to that point."

No 4 (4117 72004 2)
01. Greg Howe / No Place Like Home
02. Lanny Cordola / The Obstinate Toy
03. Carl Verheyen / Tango
04. Ron Thal / Bumble Foot
05. Dana Rasch / First Light And Turn Green
06. Prodigy / Schizoid
07. Dave Larue / Police Work
08. Glenn Alexander / The Black Line
09. Glenn Sherman / Ala Florida Jam
10. Scott Boland / Grasshopper Lives
11. Ernie Jackson / Divided We Groove
12. Guthrie Govan / Rhode Island Shred
13. Howard Hart / The Margin
14. Darryl Gabel / Blue Fingers
15. Wayne Krantz / Is something I don´t understand yet
16. Paul Hanson / Downswing
17. Guthrie Govan / Waves
18. Milan Polak / Absolutely Positive
Guitar on the Edge - Vol. 1, No. 3

'Guitar on the Edge' is a compilation series released by talent scout Mark Varney. It features some of the world's hottest guitarists. Milan appeared on no. 3 (1992) & 4 (1993) of volume one.

No 3 (4117 72003 2)
01. Brett Garsed & T.J. Helmerich/Subway
02. Rob Johnson/Down Home Cookin'
03. David Marton/Its About Time
04. Greg Howe/Direct Injection
05. Dana Rasch/Fan Mail From Some Flounder
06. Burt Teague & Word Of Mouth/One For Ray B.
07. The Jon Finn Group/Always A Bridesmaid
08. Shane Theriot/In Between
09. Ron Thal & Love Soup/Love Soup
10. John Onder/Southern Hospitality
11. Mat Gurman/Forgotten
12. Craig Erickson/LA Tour
13. Tommy Lamey/We Couldn't Find A Singer
14. The Michael Gregory Band/Vermicula Polky
15. The David Trinzo Trio/Yo!…Hey!
16. Milan Polak/ Where Were You Tomorrow?
"The Cosmic Monstrositors"

This project was recorded in
different places in Europe between
1991 and 1993 on a little 4-track
portastudio and features the young
and ambitious talents of Todd
Duane, Dave Kilminster, Lale
Larson, Règis Munerel, Mario
Parga, Milan Polak and Phi Ansari
Yaan-Zek. The tapes were
remastered in June 2000 and a
small amount of CD's were
released. The CD was quickly sold
out and is not available anymore.

01. Sunbathing On Pluto (Larson)
02. La Vie De Valerie (Munerel)
03. Martian Eden (Larson)
04. Erato (Munerel)
05. Weirdo (Larson/Yaan-Zek)
06. Space Duck (Larson)